In multicultural marketing, segmentation is one of the key variables used to effectively target any ethnic group. For advertisers seeking to have an impact and highest return on their investments, it is important to be able to tap into data sources that can lead to direct marketing and or tapping into the segmented group with which the advertisement is meant for.

Campaign tactics must not only be culturally relevant but must also speak to the diversity of demographics within each group. This can be done through the proper channels and selection of digital marketing, radio advertising, grassroots marketing and events marketing and key one used over hundreds of years “Word of Mouth”. There are several companies that align their services or products across various Diasporas that rely on expertise in multicultural marketing to assist their development and growth. Identifying the right companies that can lead you there is key.

Know your target, understand their preferences takes in-depth study and in other cases years of experience. Understanding the segments for example understanding whether or not baby boomers/older adult population prefer word of mouth advertising or whether or not millennials that are more inclined to use digital tools will prefer digital advertising targeted towards them. Having this market insight and factual statistics helps many companies in their advertising strategy.